Saturday, 29 September 2012

Exciting times!

Well there has been some exciting developments here at Bissi Bakes Cakes HQ

First off i now have my business officially registered with the council and am awaiting my EHO inspection
and I have my Level 2 Food Hygiene Certficate! So all good there!!

And i've lots of great feedback recently from those trying out my cakes from donations i've made to School Fayre's etc :0)

So i'm going to keep plodding away with the baking and will be back soon with more updates!

Monday, 30 April 2012

I have spruced up the website a little, and deleted some of my older cakey pics and put on some newbie ones! :)
Afternoon Tea anyone? Vanilla Cupcakes, topped with Vanilla Buttercream and Sugarpaste decorations.

Bra Cake, Vanilla sponge, with raspberry Jam, and white chocolate ganache. And on the right Creme egg Chocolate cupcakes.
 Peach buttercream topped Vanilla Cupcakes :)

Selection of Vanilla sponges, with lilac buttercream and Sugarpaste decorations, this was a project with my friend Emma :)
 Mother's day cupcakes, with spring and chocolate decorations above, and on the left some nutella topped chocolate sponge Ferrero Rocher cupcakes.
Spring birthday cake on the right, for my own birthday, Vanilla sponge with nutella filling and chocolate ganache.
 Above a chocolate flavoured Sugarpaste rose.
And on the left, a Valentines heart shaped Cake, topped and filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My New Blog :)

Hello everyone!!

I decided that i might as well start my own blog, basically Bissi Bakes Cakes is moi :) I am known as Bissi by my husband and decided it was a good name for my creations! What you will find here is my cake and biscuit creations, that i make for friends and family...I am just starting out really in the baking world, I have been baking properly for about 2-3yrs but before that on and off since i was a teenager, and have really started to experiment and attend courses on Cake making and decorating.

I read many books on cakes and baking, follow recipes (sometimes) and adapt and experiment with changes with the recipes.

I am hoping that this blog will inspire me and maybe others to bake cakes and treats and will be somewhere to show the world my work!!